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NorthMade: Gipson Shoemaker III (Lucky Devil Guitars)

We are pleased to announce the addition of Gipson Shoemaker III to the NorthMade Project. Gipson is the founder and creator of Lucky Devil Cigar Box Guitars and has been a maker, artists, and craftsman for much of his life. The team at Bolin discovered Gipson a little over a year ago at a Junk Bazaar, where he had just launched his new line of cigar box guitars. In addition to purchasing one of his hand made custom guitars, one of our team leads approached Gipson about his plans for the brand.  He was intrigued by the proposition we made to him:

The Offer

The Bolin Agency would become his brand and marketing agency. We would contribute approximately 500 hours to help him launch his fledgling company to the next level. This would come in the form of business strategy, plan planning, brand design, social strategy, and go-to-market planning.  In addition to the strategy hours, we would commit to providing him with a new brand look and feel, guidelines, brand anthem video, photography, and new ecommerce website.  All at no cost to him or his family.

For a start-up brand like Lucky Devil Guitars, the difference between success and failure can be a very fine line.  Our goal with the NorthMade Project is to help incubate young brands as they grow into maturity, so the founders can focus on what they do best.  In this case, Gipson is able to continue to develop and make some of the best, and most unique, cigar box guitars on the market.

The Process

Over the past few months the NorthMade team has been meeting with Gipson to craft his brand position and fine-tune his message. We used our internal brand DISTIL methodology to help craft the best brand position for someone extending their reach into the guitar maker market. We begin by adopting his name as the lead brand, moving away from Lucky Devil Guitars, as it became limiting to Gipson’s other product line extensions and creative passions.  And when your name is Gipson Shoemaker III, why wouldn’t you want to use that as your business calling card. Despite his humble demeanor, Gipson’s personality offers the brand something very unique that we didn’t want to lose.  Our creative, connections planning, social, and film production teams have all been working very closely with Gipson over the past few months and are excited to re-launch the brand in the spring of 2017.

Using a space in our 2500 sq-ft production studio, Gipson is building a permanent studio set, where we will record material for his website, youtube channels, and tutorial videos. Having the space available created a unique opportunity to have a fully functioning television studio that wouldn’t interfere with his workshop.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.


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