About North Made

We are very excited to announce the launch of The North Made Project, a creative collaboration between Bolin and the maker and start-up community of the midwest.

As an agency we encounter countless numbers of individuals and small start-ups with grand ideas, but limited marketing experience. They have invested their entire lives into bringing their dream to life, but lack the resources to take it to the next phase. While we spend most of our time working on large established brands, we often have a few hours here and there that we wanted to do something with.

With those free hours, we created the North Made Project.

Sure, we could update our own website, or come up with some crazy new business development idea, or even clean up our desks.  But we decided the better (and more fun) thing to do with our free time would be to seek out these young entrepreneurs and grant them a simple wish: become their agency.  For free.  But not just “free work,” which we all give away plenty of. Instead, we wanted to become their partner, friend, and trusted advisor. Our experience working with brands of all sizes, and in all different phases of development, could be the difference between grand success and disappointing failure.

We offered them what we provide to all of our clients: brand strategy, visual design, filmmaking, photography, digital strategy, social strategy, and web development.  We created a toolkit of thinking for them to tap into anytime they needed us.

Our goal was to complete one of these brand development projects a quarter, with continued support for a year after the launch. We sought out applicants across a variety of industries, but established  a few simple guidelines to help us decide which project to bring into the incubator:

  1. Must be Minnesota (or Midwest based)
  2. Must create a product or service that has a hand made or maker quality
  3. Must contribute to the broader community of hard working inventors and creators
  4. Must be nice people

We will be launching our first North Made Project in 2017:

North Made Project 01: Lucky Devil Guitars
Craft: Cigar Box Guitar Maker and Musical Craftsman
Name: Gipson Shoemaker

Assignment: Rebranding, original photography, website design, social strategy, video production, content creation.

Are you interested in submitting your idea to the North Made Project, email Michael Kraabel at Bolin or visit the North Made Website, for the first project launch.